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Let me talk about things one by one. First, the cover of the book. I never realized pink, as a color, could look so mysterious and full of suspense. And the girl on the cover (who doesn't fit my visualization of Vee at all lol) also appears paranormal-ish, just like the storyline.

Throughout the whole story, I liked Vee, a lot. I don't know much about her character as I haven't read book 1, but still the author is very much successful in portraying Vee in this book, so that readers like me don't feel lost. Her problems, her frustration or anguish were so well sketched that at times I felt like a tiny part of me belonging to her and feeling what she feels.

I really, really, reeeally loved Rollins (except his pierced lip of course, I don't go too well with those stuff) through every thick and thin of the story. The character reminds me of my best friend to a great extent.
The plot development is wonderful, along with the characters. The ending is both surprising and a tiny bit disappointing for me. At one hand it's interesting and because the way it ended caught me by surprise, but on the other hand, I was definitely not ready for such kind of an ending. Maybe the ending is what forced me to give the review a 4 star. But this is basically a very very good read. I would suggest it to anyone who loves paranormal books. Even if you haven't read the first book of the series, I think you can still give it a go.