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Darkness Before Dawn - J.A. London READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE .

I would start off with the positive things first. The story was WONDERFUL. I really really really liked it. Some may say it's a story that is predictable after a few pages or chapters, but I really liked it, no matter what. I am shamelessly partial when reading Gothic or vampire stories, and if that is written in the way the book is, then it's always a thumbs up for me. I loved the dialogues, the setting - almost everything!
There were some minor things I didn't like in the book. The only thing I regard as a considerable con is the development of the characters- all of them.
I mean, there were sooo much room for character development! And characters according to me are something you can never repair once you've drawn them out! I was really hoping for a good character building... at least the portrayal of Dawn, Victor or Michael could have been much better. I could have easily fallen head over heels in love with them :(
It's not like the characters are not well supported, or do not have proper background to them; but I couldn't reach them. I didn't feel like that they were more than just characters from a book, persons living with and around me. Maybe I expect too much from a story I like too much but this part actually disappointed me.
On an overall basis, I would say that this book is actually a very, very good book. The author/s left no room for objection regarding the storyline as I mentioned earlier. The ending is one of the highlights of the story. The story, specially the ending is altogether what makes the story so special and makes me wait for the sequel of this book.