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KEEP NO SECRETS - Julie Compton *This is a concise review. Read the full at my website HERE.*
At the very beginning of the novel, it seemed to me that the novel will be dealing with juvenile issues. But very soon I realized it is going to be a lot more than that. The novel somehow reminded me of O’Neill’s famous play Long Day’s Journey into Night . All the characters seem to dwell more in the past. Almost everyone faces relationship turmoil and yet there seems to be no reasonable way out. When Jack and his family are struggling hard to forget an unforgettable past, his Past itself knocks on the door.
…like Claire, he has only two choices: have faith, or not, because it’s unlikely he will ever have proof.

The line above does not describe Jack’s state of mind alone, it is more or less the same for everyone there. Keep No Secrets greatly deals with trust issues. Jack’s trust issues regarding Jenny or his son Michael, Claire’s trust issues regarding Jack, Michael’s and the whole family’s regarding trust issues regarding Jack- everything altogether creates a domino-like structure, where one trifle change causes a huge ripple effect changing their whole life.
He couldn’t imagine it would ever happen or, if it did, that it would happen so quickly. But then, he couldn’t imagine a lot of things.

The only thing disturbed me a bit sometimes is the use of law-related language and materials as I am not at all a law-person (but I guess that’s my problem!). But it is justified because as said before, it is a legal-thriller novel. I have never read the first book of this series but the author wrote it in such a away that I did not have much complication connecting the story with incidents from the past.This may not be a book I will read twice (because all the suspense is gone now) but I would recommend this to anyone who hasn’t read.