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Mostly YA obsessed, my blog reflects it A LOT. It features books from NA & other fiction too. I share all my book rants there, post mostly spoiler-free reviews & many other bookish and non-bookish stuff :D

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Paper Artist: Creations Kids Can Fold, Tear, Wear, or Share - Gail Green, Kara L Laughlin, Jennifer  Phillips *Read the full review at my Book Blog Here. *
Cooking and crafting are two of my my favorite hobbies and the cover of this book itself had tempted me so much that I found myself pressing 'Request' even before I could realize! It has made me fall in love with glue, paper and scissors again! While the book talks about some common paper arts, there are some really cool and innovative. Some of my favorites are photo ornaments, frames, lanterns, handmade papers etc. But one thing to mention as a con is that the book often contain ideas that may be a bit difficult for kids in real. For example, using paper mold and all without an adult guidance seems to me to be a bit risky. In addition, I wish there were more pictures of the step-by step progress to an idea. I mean it's obviously easier for me to understand what's going on by just reading out the steps but I don't think it will be the same for a kid.Overall, it is a wonderful book to have or give as a gift to any little buddy of yours, but in the latter case make sure an adult is there to keep an eye!