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Rush Me - Allison Parr Review will be up once I have managed time to breathe:P:D


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I am posting after long but it’s been a CRAZY week! I finished this book more than a week ago but couldn’t manage any time before now to post a review. I’m just so happy to be able to post now :D

I first found out about this book on some of my online blogging friends and they all seemed to pretty much like it. However the cover left me under the impression that this book is not my type. Well, I’m not saying I didn’t like it, but according to me the cover doesn’t go perfectly with the story. Plus the title of the book made me think it’s nothing more than a typical hot romance novel. It was not until one of my friends started swooning over the two protagonists of the book that I decided to give it a try (I started feeling left out that’s why :p)

So very obviously I started the book with a scrutinizing mind (so that I can prove my friend wrong :D) but instead, I ended up falling in love with the book (minus the title!) And now… I am sorry for myself as to why I didn’t post a review earlier cause now I feel like I may have already forgotten some awesome things in the novel to mention : arrgh..whatever!

As always, let me talk about the characters first. Apart from Rachael’s slight commitment issues at times, I love her. I don’t know if others find her way to arrogant or something, but I love her. Let me guess…maybe that’s mostly because she resembles me to some extent, specially her ‘I-don’t-want-a-babysitter-boyfriend’ mentality. That’s something I rarely find in romance novels and I really loved how she reasoned her stances (well most of them) with strong logic (like the engagement ring thing :D). I literally crammed all of it so that I can use it the next time I am barged with criticisms (I remember doing the happy dance at first lol)

And then, Ryan…ooooh Ryan *hyperventilates, faints, then tries to behave* ..his very description made me go weak in the knees, I can only imagine how hard it might have been for Rachael. I actually didn’t find him very appealing at the beginning, one reason for this is the way he was first introduced (seemed to be a pure leech!) and second is that I am not at all a sports person, my reaction to sports is almost as same as Rachael’s. I watch football only, and that too partially when the World Cup is running. What more, I didn’t even know what on earth a quarterback means *no rotten eggs please* :p But as the story progressed, I fell in love with this Ryan guy, little by little, as a human being *blush*

I really adored the way their relationship progressed throughout the novel. It seemed to go on a perfect pace. I liked their chemistry, but what I simply loved from the bottom of my heart is the realistic touch given by the author to their relationship. I mean, we often see an ordinary girl and a rich or famous guy’s gooey love story but as we know, reality is way too different than that. A relationship between people like Rachael and Ryan can never be uncomplicated. There will be problems, more coming from within themselves then from the outside, and this is exactly what the author gives us. They both have deep feelings for each other but at the same time have ego problems, communicating issues, different dreams and outlooks toward life. The way they face them, fail and then attempt to solve them is what makes the story all the more exciting.

““I don’t know how to do this, and I get hurt sometimes, and then I want to hurt you back and since I know your weak spots it’s really easy, but I honestly don’t think you’re a dumb jock, I think you’re one of the most intelligent people I know……and even though we fight, I don’t know, I still want to be with you even if we have to spend half our time trying to figure out what we’re doing—””

That’s one of the cutest lines one could ever say to their lover ♥

Apart from these two, the other characters are well built. I liked Abe, gives me the impression of a young, nice and kind hearted fellow. And unlike many other romance novels, this one is not only about the main two lovers, there are interesting sub plots and the characters are not mere fillers. According to me, it’s one of the romance novels you’ll crave to read and finish, then re-read over and over again so that you don’t have to put the book away from you.