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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer This is a concise review. Read the full review HERE.
I must say I was a little bit worried before starting to read Scarlet. This is because I loved Cinder. I loved it so much that I felt like dying (okay that was an overstatement!) after I had finished that. I have seen many a times the first book of a series being awesomely wonderful and the later one turning out as a HUGE disappointment. I really didn't want that to happen in this case. Thanks to[a:Marissa Meyer|4684322|Marissa Meyer|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1357318852p2/4684322.jpg] for not breaking my heart :D
Scarlet is a wonderful character. Seriously, just so..humane and wonderful! I'm not good at visualizing characters from a book, unless it's out of the world awesome. Here, I could clearly see a girl in front of my eyes, who is even more beautiful than the original fairytale Scarlet. Throughout the whole story, the author portrayed her in a wonderful way- kind and nice, open minded, brave and yet not devoid of femininity, determined to find the only person she can call family and continuously battling with her emotions and suspicions after she meets Wolf. I was kind of missing Cinder at the very beginning but the more I came to know Scarlet the more I fell in love with her (but forgive me because she'll always be the second:D)
And now Wolf, okay I shouldn't be saying this as I thought I am very much in love with Kai from Cinder, but if there's a contest b/n Wolf and Kai my vote would probably go for the first one. His very description made me blush! That's one of the beauties of Marissa Meyer's writings. She didn't use one steamy word to describe Wolf and yet I blushed (I know I suck at these things :p) And I could visualize him all the more. A guy, struggling, terrified to lose someone he was not supposed to have, fighting constantly with the one inside him, the one he probably never wanted to be- it's just SO WONDERFUL :' )
The story is super awesome (even awesome is an understatement!) I liked it more because there were more action, romance, suspense and a lot of tension (the last one's for me). It is a wonderful plot. The characters are what makes the story a Lunar masterpiece. It's not just a pretty cover, but a fascinating story to read.