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Review: Ruined (The Eternal Balance #1) by Jus Accardo

Ruined (The Eternal Balance, Book One) - Jus Accardo

As for the plot, the connection with Cain and Abel was really interesting. I can't remember the last time I had read a book going on that route. It's interesting and refreshing to read.


I like the narrating points of view in the book. The pov of Jax and Sam make it easier to understand and delve into the story all the more. It also helped me to understand their characters. As characters, both of them are really good. Jax has his own "inner demon" to fight with. Here, I must acknowledge Jus's accomplishment as an author in portraying Jax's character. It's like he is constantly walking on a thin thread balanced between his demonic and non-demonic side. And being cursed to live with that demon for the rest of his life is not easy at all. His demon ends up hurting people and to keep the ones he loves safe, he has no other choice except leaving them. All is not well for him, of course. His anger, violence and turmoils are very, very well portrayed in the book.

Personally I like Samantha more. I have already developed this huge crush for her (in a non platonic way of course). If I say she is a badass, that would be wrong because then it may seem like she doesn't have much of a romantic side to her. But she is a mix of both. She is basically a no-shit girl. Her personal and non-personal life are total mess but she is not the type of a girl to just whine about it and do nothing. She is headstrong and her unbenting attitude in facing adverse situations made me fascinate her even more. She also can't seem to forget the guy that had left her, heartbroken. But I like how she is able to see the real Jax behind that cursed persona of his, unlike anybody else. 


I like the connection both Jax and Samantha share. There is this theme of conventional dark and violent romance there and it is quite enjoyable to read. Some things seems a little cliche, like Jax not wanting Sam anywhere near him for her own good and all. Also, I feel there was room for more development between Jax and Samantha's relationship. Even then, the plot seems to carry out on its own pretty well and altogether  creates an interesting effect.


Apart, from these two, I think I would have liked Chase as well. I mean, he sounds pretty hot too :D But he seems a little selfish compared to Jax and that made him less favorite to me:p


I feel that there are few instances where some things seem to be presented without a proper logic, but I think I can overlook it because the story is impressive in itself.


The surprise element is pretty good. The twists and turns that is seen throughout the book, until the end made me keep going without getting bored. The ending is kind of a cliffhanger. It would have made me really sad and unforgiving(!) if I didn't know it to be a series. I hope the story is carried out well in those books.I'll surely be looking forward to reading the next installment.


Overall, Jus Accardo's efforts as an author is very much successful in this book. You can see her talent as an author turning a pretty conventional story into something more interesting, fascinating and worth-waiting for. If you are into NA fantasy and romance like me, this book is sure to satisfy you :)


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Source: http://bookeatereviews.blogspot.com/2014/01/ruined-eternal-balance-1-by-jus-accardo.html