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{BLOG TOUR} Review:Tangled Hearts (Highland Hearts #2) by Heather McCollum

Tangled Hearts (Highland Hearts) - Heather McCollum

I usually don't read much pirate or highlander stories, in the fear that I might not like them. But this one was different than many others. In terms of plot and characters, it is definitely a must read book for those who love action packed pirate or highlander books.


The characters, specially the main characters of the story are wonderfully built. Pandora, the lead is quite a unique character. I guess her unique upbringing contributed to it as well. As a heroine, Pandora is a mix of everything that will compel you to like her. She is strong willed and full of self confidence. She can be a bit manipulative at times but I like when the female leads do that so overall, I really really liked her.


Ewan, as the hero, was no less. He is nice and charming and totally an amazing person. His aim is to bring a traitor’s corpse to King Henry VIII's court. Fate throws this feisty unique girl in his way.  He doesn't seem to be someone wanting to get involved with a women in a sentimental or emotional way but still when he meets Dory, he cannot help falling for her, even if he doesn't realize that at first. His primary motive is to protect her from the crisis she is facing, and the love attraction happens somewhere along that road. I liked how McCollum has shown Ewan's disliking for the London life and yet his attitude of not giving up.


The plot was pretty good. Except for the fact that I feel there are a few filler descriptions inserted here and there, it is pretty enjoyable. And to be honest, I was so engrossed in knowing the two main characters they were all that kept me go on to finish the book. I liked how the author has mingled romance with history using her own twists and turns.


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