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Review: Mind Games (Mind Games #1) by Kiersten White

Mind Games - Kiersten White

First things first. As you peeps already know, I have a very bad cover glutton, and this book has one of the most mind gobbling covers I've ever seen! Seriously, I could EAT it @_@ I mean, just look at the cover...are you sure you're not in love with it already? Whoever has made that freaking breathtakingly beautiful cover...Bravo *claps*


Jumping in to the characters, their names...Perfect! I know this may sound lame but I really believe that name is an important part in reflecting a character. Author Kiersten White has made sure of that I must say. The female lead (for the time being;)) is Sofia and I feel like somehow the name fits her character perfectly. Her monologues, jumbled thoughts and often meaningless rants made her quite similar to the Sophie of Sophie's World, though the comparison does seem a little far fetched (having graduated in Literature, I cannot help it:p) Though it was a little disturbing at the beginning, but once I got a hold, it was like a roller coaster ride...you can never read enough!


Then there is Adam...and there is James. Honestly speaking, this is one of the very few books where I couldn't decide until the end (end of book 1 that is) which hero I ACTUALLY like. I seem to have come up with the same dilemma as Sofia, only more prominent (because I couldn't tap tap tap my fingers to take my mind off this:/) Adam is the nice guy, the boy next door, and James is, in short, the perfect liar. But who should Sofia look up to?


Before you think I'm insane to not have mentioned Annie earlier, centering whom Sofia's whole life revolves, let me tell you that no, I was just waiting. She is...how do I say?...a complicatedly interesting and likeable character. I must warn you though...there are times..a LOT..when you may feel like throwing something at her face, or punching her for her guts. But at the end of the day, she IS Sofia's sister, and that makes her do things, that leaves you with no other choice than liking her as well!


The question of choice Sofia is to face every time, more for her sis than herself is what I enjoyed the most. Sofia seem to have one reason only to do what she does: keep her sister safe. While Annie is at the receiving end of help and favors most of the times, you may pass your verdict saying she's nothing but a self-pitying selfish sister who actually doesn't deserve half the things Sofia does for her. But with each passing moment and incident, you may start realizing that Annie is no less important a character. Both are different, of course...but somehow, they are linked with each other despite their physical and mental differences, and this is something I really really liked. It is not only the tale of Sofia and her fight, it is a beautiful narration of both Annie and Sofia's povs, the torments they face, torn between choosing for the self and the other one.


Mind Games is a beautiful, beautiful book that fills you gradually with anticipation along with each reading and specially after such an unnerving and cliffhanger ending, leaves you with no choice other than waiting to read the next book in the series. In short, just GRAB the book to read the minute you get the opportunity, you won't regret it :D

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